We are a design studio creating digital assets for production, games, 3D print, film and VR.


Our Beginning

Electric Geisha was established in 2006 in Sydney, Australia. We created a name for ourselves creating content for multiple online virtual world platforms and still operate one of the largest virtual brands in the world.

In 2013 we moved our studio to Seattle in the United States to further explore the US market and created an in house high end 3D printing branch to further our already established offerings of digital content creation for games, film and VR.

Electric Geisha now resides in sunny Las Vegas and our studio continues to thrive.


Geisha - the word consists of two kanji, 芸 (gei) meaning "art" and 者 (sha) meaning "person" or "doer"..”



People often ask what does Electric Geisha mean?! It has always been a hard one to explain but to break it down as simply as we can...

Electric - having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement.

Geisha - the word consists of two kanji, 芸 (gei) meaning "art" and 者 (sha) meaning "person" or "doer".

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we want to create high quality production art for our clients. It is simply said, but with a decade of experience we believe we can.



Knowledge and application






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We would love to work with you on your next project. So feel free to get in touch via our contact page and we will get back to you asap.

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